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What is Percussion Welding?

Percussion Welding

What is Percussion Welding? Introduction Percussion welding is a specialized welding technique that involves the joining of two workpieces through the application of high pressure and electrical energy. It is a solid-state welding process, meaning that it does not involve the melting of the base metals. Instead, percussion welding relies …

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Do You Know about Exothermic Welding?

Do You Know about Exothermic Welding? Introduction Exothermic welding, also known as thermite welding or aluminothermic welding, is a process that creates a permanent electrical connection between metal conductors using a chemical reaction. It involves the controlled reaction of a powdered mixture, typically containing metal oxides and powdered metals, which …

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Acoustic Emission Testing – NDT Inspection

Acoustic Emission Testing (AET)

Acoustic Emission Testing – NDT Inspection Introduction Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) refers to a group of methods used to evaluate the properties and integrity of materials, structures, and components without causing damage to them. The primary objective of NDT is to detect defects, discontinuities, and other anomalies that may compromise the …

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Eddy Current Testing (ECT) – NDT Inspection

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) – NDT Inspection Introduction Definition of Eddy Current Testing Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that is used to detect surface and near-surface defects in conductive materials. ECT works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and is capable of detecting defects such …

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Ultrasonic Welding Process

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding Process Introduction Ultrasonic welding is a process used to join two or more pieces of material by applying high-frequency mechanical vibrations to the parts being joined. The process is widely used in manufacturing for joining plastics, metals, and other materials. It has become increasingly popular because it offers …

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