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Post Weld Heat Treatment Process (PHWT)


Post Weld Heat Treatment Process (PHWT) In the field of welding, achieving strong and reliable joints is crucial for ensuring the structural integrity and performance of various components. One effective method employed to enhance the properties of weldments is the Post Weld Heat Treatment Process (PHWT). This process involves subjecting …

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What is Braze Welding?

Braze Welding

What is Braze Welding? Introduction Definition Braze welding, also known as brazing, is a joining process that involves the use of a filler metal to bond two or more base metals together. Unlike fusion welding techniques, which melt the base metals to form a joint, braze welding relies on the …

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Welding Temperatures Guideline

Welding Temperature Guideline

Welding Temperatures Guideline Introduction Controlling welding temperatures is of utmost importance in ensuring the quality and integrity of welds. The temperature at which welding takes place plays a significant role in determining the mechanical properties, metallurgical characteristics, and overall performance of the welded joint. Failure to control welding temperatures can …

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