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Lack of Fusion in Welded Joints

Lack of Fusion

Lack of Fusion in Welded Joints Welding is a fundamental process in various industries, from construction to manufacturing. It involves joining metal pieces together using high heat to melt the base metals and then allowing them to cool and solidify, forming a strong bond. However, one of the challenges welders …

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Planar Defects in Welding

Planar defects in welding

Planar Defects in Welding: Ensuring Strong, Flawless Joints Welding is a critical process in the fabrication of various structures, and while it provides strength and durability, it’s not immune to imperfections. Planar defects in welding can compromise the integrity of joints, leading to structural issues and reduced service life. In …

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Thermographic Testing – NDT Inspection

Thermographic Testing

Maximizing Quality: Comprehensive Guide Thermographic Testing for Welded Joints Thermographic Testing operates on the principle of detecting temperature variations. It utilizes an infrared camera to capture the heat patterns emitted by the surface of the welded joint. The underlying idea is simple: flaws or defects often generate distinct thermal signatures. …

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