Arc Welding Process and its Types

Arc Welding Process and its Types

Arc Welding Process

Arc welding is the best example of fusion welding. It uses an electric arc that generates heat reaching temperature up to 6000 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperature is involved in melting and fusing the materials. Fusion arc welding has another advantage that it can be used underwater. Arc welding is a type of welding process that uses an electric arc to produce extreme heat to create a weld. It may also use filler metal for creating welds. It is popular among other types of welding because of many reasons like; its equipment being low-cost, portable, and flexible in use.

Arc welding
Arc welding

Types of Arc Welding

There are many types of arc welding processes based on their applications:

1- Shielded Metal Arc Welding: SMAW is a type of welding that uses a flux-coated, consumable electrode to create an arc between an electrode and the workpiece. It is used in all applications of non-ferrous and ferrous materials.


2- Metal Gas Arc Welding:  Metal gas arc welding also called MIG welding, is a type of welding in which an electric arc is formed between the welding material and consumable wire electrode, and is melted for fusing. In this type, shielding gas is used to avoid contamination from the atmosphere. It is used to weld all commercial metals.


2- Tungsten Inert Gas Welding: TIG welding is a type in which a non-consumable tungsten electrode is used that provides the required current to the welding electrode. In TIG welding, shielding through inert gas is done to avoid any oxidation and atmospheric contamination. It is used to weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even gold.


3- Plasma Arc Welding: In this type of welding, an electric arc is formed between the plasma torch nozzle and electrode. In this type electric arc is used to ionize the argon gas or plasma. It is used to weld pipes and tubes.

Plasma Arc Welding
Plasma Arc Welding

4- Submerged Arc Welding: It is a type of welding that involves the formation of an arc between a continuously fed consumable electrode and the workpiece. It is used to weld carbon steel, alloys, and steel.

Submerged Arc Welding
Submerged Arc Welding

5- Flux Cored Arc Welding: Flux core arc welding is a type of welding that involves the arc between continuously fed consumable electrodes with flux. It is best for welding dirty, rusted, or contaminated metals easily.

Flux core arc welding
Flux core arc welding

Advantages and Disadvantages of Arc Welding


There are many advantages of arc welding as compared to other welding processes:

  • It is a cost-effective process. It requires less equipment as compared to other processes
  • It has simple and small equipment and is easy to transport i.e., portable
  • It does not require any pre-cleaning as it can be performed on dirty or rusty metals
  • It does not require any shielding gas i.e., spatters are not concerned
  • It is preferred in high-speed welding projects
  • It can be used in AC or DC.
  • It has less or no smoke/spark i.e., environment friendly


There are a few disadvantages of the Arc welding process:

  • More waste is produced during arc welding as compared to other welding processes cause which leads to lower efficiency and increased cost in some project
  • It requires training and proper skills to perform this welding
  • It is very difficult to weld thin materials sometimes
  • Sometimes, a large amount of fume and dust is produced hence requiring safety clothing and extra safety


What is the most common arc welding process?

The most common arc welding process is Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).

How many methods of arc welding do you know?

I am aware of several methods of arc welding, including SMAW, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW).

What is arc welding mainly used for?

Arc welding is mainly used for joining metals.

Which electrode is used in arc welding?

In arc welding, a consumable electrode is used to create an electric arc.

Is arc welding DC or AC? Does arc welding use AC or DC?

Arc welding can use both AC and DC power, but DC is more commonly used.

What voltage is used for welding?

Voltages used for welding can vary depending on the welding process and the thickness of the metal being welded.

Is arc welding stronger than MIG?

It is not accurate to say that one welding method is stronger than the other. Each method has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of method depends on the specific application.

Is arc welding easier than MIG?

It is also not accurate to say that one welding method is easier than the other. Each method requires a certain level of skill and experience to master.

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